Junshan laughed. "So there must be a way to cross this river of blood! This time, if you enter the misty rain pavilion in the secret land, you will be punished if you encounter a ghost face. "

Jun Zheng chimed in, "Brother said that the heresy with a strange face caused the wrath of heaven and caused this seal to break these evil disciples, and everyone of us, the Taoist priests, would be punished." With that, he looked at Wei Shang and others pointedly, and immediately said, "It’s a matter of great […]

This is the first sentence in the extreme boxing decision. Now Gao Ye has done this step perfectly, or this sentence seems to be specially formulated by Gao Ye at this time.

Practice your muscles and bones in one breath. Gao Ye’s pioneering spirit is long and difficult to invade the body’s bones and muscles, and his skin is also a tough mess. Even the general sword can’t really hurt him, which is many times worse than those who specialize in hard qigong. Only one breath of […]

With doubts in the sound, those black eyes stared directly at Liu Kun and made his body tremble violently. At this moment, he was like being seen through.

"What a waste! Why is my brother getting worse and worse?" Hearing this, Liukun was sweating and didn’t dare to reply. "Well, since you called me to ask you again, do you really want to exchange your life for mine?" The sound is very cold "It is mainly you who give me strength, and I […]

"No magic yuan?"

Muhai frowned and thought. If this is the case, then I guess it is wrong, and not everyone will become a monk. Anyway, we’ll talk about it later when we go back and have a good experiment. So want to MuHai had a decision secretly nodded his head. "Enjin Dan is very afraid that he […]

Vulcan fruit!

Jiang Feng heart is a language. The old man knows too little about the world’s rare fruits. However, this cloud fruit looks really special, and it is estimated to be a very strange place. If it weren’t for the poison in his eyes, It is also difficult to see at first sight that this thing […]

She lay upright in bed, pale and sweaty.

Her big eyes looked at Hu Ling hiding souls and Qin Dingfang in front of the bed. Her eyes were full of fear and her face squeezed out a contemptuous smile. Du Youxin said weakly, "So I’m not dead. Hehe, I was saved by you, but you can’t get anything from me. You can torture […]

"The new Dao Ji Xian Fa in Jing Xian Jian Dian, which was accidentally written by Zong Men in Ri, can be applied to the basic of Jing Xian Jian Dian in the realm of little fairy, true fairy and fairy, but there are many restrictions on practicing it. According to Zong Di’s observation in the round test, Xiao Wen and Xun Yu should be qualified or can study Jing Xian Jian Dian, and in view of their Se performance in the test, they decided to give Jing Xian Jian Dian to two people."

Those young people who haven’t tried too much for the time being naturally can’t hear anything. It’s those old guys who can clearly understand what "quite a lot of restrictions" are. It’s definitely an exaggeration to say that Xiao Wen and Xun Yu can easily put the "Jing Xian Jian Dian" hand! Jealous! At this […]

Mrs. Cohen, this time Suldak prepared a lunch box. Suldak put it in his magic pocket. The food in the lunch box was quite rich. Besides a few sandwiches with cream and lunch meat, there was also a sausage and some apples. These foods were enough for Suldak to eat two meals.

When the crew left Surdak, they took the cabin door and sat on the wooden bed alone. Looking at the colorful lights on the streets of Hailanza after nightfall through the clean glass window gives the city a grand pre-holiday atmosphere, especially the castle at the highest point of the city. When the civilians get […]

"Old evil? Is the old evil a human being? "

"An old monster, my new brother." No wonder you didn’t contact me for such a long time. It turned out that there was a new person and I forgot the old one. I cried myself to death .55555555555 "You little brat took disgusting as fun and said if you were bored in Japan and wanted […]

Well, when we don’t have much time, the iron cow tiger will give these weapons to the old man and go directly to the airport. Mom blew you to death today. More than 10,000 mafia people took N vans and sailed to the airport. As early as Zhao Yuze came back, Cheng Han had already stopped the airport, saying it was a military way, and Lin Yuan also promised to stop for five minutes. After all, it’s strange that the airport watched people with heavy weapons board the plane one by one without disturbing the central authorities.

However, no one at the airport root or the person who made the plane was directly driven away, and Zhao Yuze led all the people into the plane at the airport and looked at the foreman. Zhao Yuze wanted to laugh. This world is that money makes the mare go. Come on, buddy, you’ve worked […]