Seeing this, their mask eyes have turned into divine light and looked forward to the first high seat! I wonder if this jade Jane is waiting for another chance? Is it an avatar or a magic method?

Before they think much of the dragon’s head, it has sounded again that "the techniques in the self-study and practice slips are combined and the first class can be afraid of the first one." The dragon’s first words are like dragons singing and tigers roaring, exploding in five people’s minds! Trembling, they stretched out their […]

"Repressed him and avenged Owlman!"

Chapter one thousand three hundred and five Eat it At present, this scene really shocked everyone’s eyes and stared unbelievable. The ancient emperor mountain man was killed on the spot and didn’t even escape from Yuan Shen! This is ridiculous to say! The ancient imperial mountain and the royal family are all high in blood. […]

Now he knows that he was wrong.

Mu Gong is telling him … what is "Tao"! Real way! Heaven and earth are mixed with yellow ginseng morality! In fact, there is no "Tao" in this world, and the moral root that people have cultivated for thousands of years is the external Tao, the mysterious Tao, and the real Tao seems to be […]


"Hey!" "Hey!" Seven meters tall or short, the figure is flying, and the expression is looking down at the principality of the month. This is a master of the environment! Their feet are a group of army corps that are screaming wildly and launching a charge. Behind the army corps are remote output legions! "coming" […]

"Then order a drink?"

"Amount" Xu Le hesitated. First of all, he doesn’t drink. Then the juice here seems to have been spiced, and he certainly can’t drink … "Is there any white water?" Bunny? Is this man sick? Come here without drinking, even if you don’t want to order a drink? Want to drink white water? "Sorry, sir, […]

"Double blue words against the sky!"

When I saw this achievement, I wanted to be slightly stunned. And at the moment, the millions of dream friends on the public screen are more excited if they want to. "I wipe! 666666666!” "Is the grade crystal clear?" However, there are still rational dream friends who analyzed a wave. "Should not be able to […]

The death demon looked up at Li Zhichang indifferently. "After my death, there will be four demons coming. After the four demons, there will be the sixth day. You are finished."

Li Zhichang knows that the Death Devil belongs to a mysterious organization. The top killer group in the world has no name. He knows that the five killers are recognized as the top five killers in the world. Everyone has a code name. The Death Devil can hide his murder and shoot him several kilometers […]

Junshan laughed. "So there must be a way to cross this river of blood! This time, if you enter the misty rain pavilion in the secret land, you will be punished if you encounter a ghost face. "

Jun Zheng chimed in, "Brother said that the heresy with a strange face caused the wrath of heaven and caused this seal to break these evil disciples, and everyone of us, the Taoist priests, would be punished." With that, he looked at Wei Shang and others pointedly, and immediately said, "It’s a matter of great […]

This is the first sentence in the extreme boxing decision. Now Gao Ye has done this step perfectly, or this sentence seems to be specially formulated by Gao Ye at this time.

Practice your muscles and bones in one breath. Gao Ye’s pioneering spirit is long and difficult to invade the body’s bones and muscles, and his skin is also a tough mess. Even the general sword can’t really hurt him, which is many times worse than those who specialize in hard qigong. Only one breath of […]

With doubts in the sound, those black eyes stared directly at Liu Kun and made his body tremble violently. At this moment, he was like being seen through.

"What a waste! Why is my brother getting worse and worse?" Hearing this, Liukun was sweating and didn’t dare to reply. "Well, since you called me to ask you again, do you really want to exchange your life for mine?" The sound is very cold "It is mainly you who give me strength, and I […]