This is the first sentence in the extreme boxing decision. Now Gao Ye has done this step perfectly, or this sentence seems to be specially formulated by Gao Ye at this time.

Practice your muscles and bones in one breath. Gao Ye’s pioneering spirit is long and difficult to invade the body’s bones and muscles, and his skin is also a tough mess. Even the general sword can’t really hurt him, which is many times worse than those who specialize in hard qigong. Only one breath of […]

It makes people feel uncomfortable and want to vomit blood!

"Little report the younger brother is very good. What is the strength of your bodyguard? And he likes to slap people so much? " The long wooden table of the young master of Yi family is very close to Su Yu, and he leaned in with courage to ask. "oh? Is he strong? I don’t […]

After talking about Ji Ming, it seems that their conversation should be over.

But Chang Sheng said to Ji Leng, "I have another thing in the old season." "Well, you said" Chang Sheng pondered it and said, "Actually, I was thinking that it’s not a long-term solution for you now … Your parents will get older and older, and this family will need more and more. You can’t […]

Mrs. Cohen, this time Suldak prepared a lunch box. Suldak put it in his magic pocket. The food in the lunch box was quite rich. Besides a few sandwiches with cream and lunch meat, there was also a sausage and some apples. These foods were enough for Suldak to eat two meals.

When the crew left Surdak, they took the cabin door and sat on the wooden bed alone. Looking at the colorful lights on the streets of Hailanza after nightfall through the clean glass window gives the city a grand pre-holiday atmosphere, especially the castle at the highest point of the city. When the civilians get […]

"Little girl" was the first to take Yanxi with a cloth ball stuffed in her mouth and come back to Zhou Zichen for fear of rubbing against a woman to untie the hemp rope.

At the moment when both hands and feet were free, Yan Xi flaunted himself with melodramatic fate, and also melodramatic an online game, shadow hunter. "Husband, how did you get here?" She threw herself into the man’s broad and powerful arms in front of so many people without shaking her eyelids. "I’m sorry, I’m sorry, […]

However, although the Central Plains is good, our abode of fairies and immortals is not a blessed place, and we are not tolerant of earthly troubles. When I get here after the robbery, my family teacher will find it, because the Tianpeng Mountain is the pillar of the heaven after the Nu Wa Empress made up the sky, and there are also immortals’ old houses here, but after the gods were sealed, the immortals were closed or hidden or soared, and it was also closed and abandoned.

It took a hundred years for my family teacher to break the seal and lead us to move here. The name of the fairy house here is Lingqiao Palace, which is built on the basis of this Optimus Prime. Naturally, it is forbidden. If we don’t leave here, our family teacher will see that we […]

Among these people, experienced old spicy people have any feelings about drinking 6 cans when they see the wooden chop. Did they rush into this veiled burial?

However, there were also some times when I came to the veil burial, and I couldn’t help but feel lonely and went into the veil burial. But two days later, one of the dozens of people came back here with a pale face and never looked back. The tyrannical period was over 6 Can saw […]

Ying Yun-shen looked a little embarrassed. "He said that purple stone is a very precious stone. Perhaps this is the most precious stone here. The strength of the five Emirates is strong and purple stone is also very large."

Li Feiyang was surprised. "Why didn’t you tell me earlier?" Ying Yun-shen scratched his head. "I forgot that purple stone is too precious. I’ve heard it for so long and I haven’t seen it yet … I forgot to say it for a while." Li Feiyang thought silently for a while and said, "How are […]

But Ferguson didn’t let the players think so. He just told the players that I don’t need you to score goals, so I would thank the emperor if I didn’t concede goals.

Rooney is still very active in defending. He just complained to the referee because he felt that Lazio had additional hand movements during defense after the football was broken. I didn’t expect Lazio to pass the midfield in just a few seconds … Lazio’s overall offensive speed … It’s fucking fast! This is Rooney’s personal […]

At the last minute, the reversal was completed in the 19th minute …

Everyone long out of breath. …… Lazio players celebrated in Manchester United’s restricted area, while Manchester United players just stayed where they were, and some were afraid to accept the fact. Carrick lay on the ground with his elbows propped up and turned to look at Motta who was crushed by the crowd. He has […]