Junshan laughed. "So there must be a way to cross this river of blood! This time, if you enter the misty rain pavilion in the secret land, you will be punished if you encounter a ghost face. "

Jun Zheng chimed in, "Brother said that the heresy with a strange face caused the wrath of heaven and caused this seal to break these evil disciples, and everyone of us, the Taoist priests, would be punished." With that, he looked at Wei Shang and others pointedly, and immediately said, "It’s a matter of great […]

"Ha ha, my son is good and worry-free. By the way, it’s almost winter vacation in kindergarten."

"Yes, today is the last day." Qiao Xinwei sighed, "It’s so cool. When can I have a winter vacation?" "Ha, if you want to have a holiday every day without work, I can support you." Qiao Xinwei took back her presumptuous feet and sat up straight. She looked at Jiang Hao and suddenly asked, "Husband, […]

This is the first sentence in the extreme boxing decision. Now Gao Ye has done this step perfectly, or this sentence seems to be specially formulated by Gao Ye at this time.

Practice your muscles and bones in one breath. Gao Ye’s pioneering spirit is long and difficult to invade the body’s bones and muscles, and his skin is also a tough mess. Even the general sword can’t really hurt him, which is many times worse than those who specialize in hard qigong. Only one breath of […]

With doubts in the sound, those black eyes stared directly at Liu Kun and made his body tremble violently. At this moment, he was like being seen through.

"What a waste! Why is my brother getting worse and worse?" Hearing this, Liukun was sweating and didn’t dare to reply. "Well, since you called me to ask you again, do you really want to exchange your life for mine?" The sound is very cold "It is mainly you who give me strength, and I […]

"There is no one in the valley ~ it should have been taken to the abode of fairies and immortals by Tianling Cave people."

"Well ~ then Nong will take people outside this valley to guard my horse and return to inform the cave master." The footsteps outside the valley gradually dispersed, and soon there was no sound. Seeing this, Yingying muttered, "How did he do this?" "He …?" The watery man grinned and asked, "elder sister, do you […]

"No magic yuan?"

Muhai frowned and thought. If this is the case, then I guess it is wrong, and not everyone will become a monk. Anyway, we’ll talk about it later when we go back and have a good experiment. So want to MuHai had a decision secretly nodded his head. "Enjin Dan is very afraid that he […]

After leaving the fire cloud cave, Feng Zichen directly returned to Dashang Wangdu.

The first thing Ren Huang should do in this world is to accept all forces of the Terran and have a clear understanding of the current situation of the Terran. Then wait for the representatives of all ethnic groups to come to the Terran to worship and show the majesty of Ren Huang. Ren Huang […]

Just when Yu Xian took out a lot of flags, the sky came to see that the cloud had stabilized and rolled violently again. One of Hu Yingxue’s fears became a reality. Du Jie’s appeal was as strong as it was said. She and Wei Chihanyu crossed the fairy hook and came.

When designing the array, Yu Cai considered that Wei Chihanyu and Hu Yingxue, who also reached the peak of the Du Jie period, would probably join the Du Jie column to make sure that they didn’t need to change the newly designed array after crossing the fairy robbery. After looking up at the cloud robbery […]

It makes people feel uncomfortable and want to vomit blood!

"Little report the younger brother is very good. What is the strength of your bodyguard? And he likes to slap people so much? " The long wooden table of the young master of Yi family is very close to Su Yu, and he leaned in with courage to ask. "oh? Is he strong? I don’t […]

Tang Sitian himself solved the problem of taking the traffic police with him and then asked, "Can you come out?"

"It seems that I can." Tang Sitian turned her body. Fortunately, if she is thin and fat, she will be caught. "Help me." She reached out to Zhou Haolin. Zhou Haolin took her hand and slowly helped her climb out of the cab. Two tandem climbed out from the co-pilot. After coming out, calm down […]