However, Hou Yu generously left his back before he died, firmly engraved on every monk’s heart, and the high voice of playing the sword still echoed in everyone’s ears. The fairy land is broken, the wind is floating, and the life experience is ups and downs; I smile from the horizontal knife to the sky, leaving two Kunlun mountains in my liver and gallbladder; Life since ancient times, who died to take Dan Xin as history … "

I smile from the horizontal knife to the sky, leaving two Kunlun mountains in my liver and gallbladder. Since ancient times, who has died in life? The holy king seems to have aged a lot, but his rickety body has raised a proud and unyielding will, and he slowly said, "Terran ministries obey orders." All […]

Dasey Christie raised her delicate eyebrows and said coldly, "Since it’s Sidney’s hand knight, it must be Hailansa who followed this clue to check again."

"Yes, Miss Darcy!" Attendants immediately replied. Darcy Christensen’s attendants slowly merged the magic van into the street traffic. …… Darcy just turned at the crossroads in that magic van. Surdak passed Darcy Christie by the street lamp in a magic caravan. He looked at a magic van parked on the street and wondered whether to […]

It’s hard to be scolded, but it’s no good to lose your life. Everyone has a long life, but they haven’t lived long enough. What’s the life compared to a moment of abuse and humiliation?

Seeing that everyone is still responding to Liang Yuan as before, it is also nai. Although everyone is ignorant, no one is dumbfounded to fall into the wind and still rush to the death. Zhongjun tent silence At this time, the atmosphere in the general altar of Mount Lishan in Taiping Road was not much […]

It became a sacrifice to the spirit and enjoyment of this tribe.

Actually, it’s nothing just as it is said What you get, you have to pay. Since these special creatures have enjoyed the cause and effect of Terran Tribe’s natural protection and repayment here. Special creatures have benefited, and Terran tribal security has also been guaranteed. This mutually beneficial good thing should not be too worrying. […]

There is no sign of anyone in Beifeng.

Xiao Qiushui set off fireworks from Yi to the "mountain peak" people and motioned for Liang Dou and others to conclude that the captives must have Huashan Five Peaks. Which one can be seen? Beifeng did not go to Zhongfeng immediately. There is a ridge in the south of the North Peak that protrudes like […]

People behind them couldn’t resist curiosity or worry, and they rushed to Leng Yue and didn’t stop them.

"Is that … the colonel?" The dream falls with doubts. She has never seen such a powerful gesture of the colonel. Can he temporarily climb such a high strength? They all know the method of combining heaven and earth to improve their strength, but that kind of ability, that is, it can improve two comprehensive […]

"Okay, I know, leader."

After putting words over there, Li Bureau gently exhaled and put the words back. Come on, whatever problems there are behind here, he’s not responsible On the other side, the leader frowned. Li Chu, it’s not right that he is familiar, mainly because his wife is familiar. Now he can have a pair of children, […]

Yi Yichen left Xia Tong and breathed a sigh of relief and sat with Lanfeilin.

Lan Feilin gave Xia Tong a thumb. "That’s amazing. I think you dare to talk to Yi Shao like this. Master Yi compromised with you." "He did something wrong first." Xia Tong had the strength to say that she was prone on the table. "What should I do? I can’t get serious now. As soon […]

A strong desire for survival supported me. Although it was difficult to breathe, I still didn’t say a word, and I tried my best to scrape the snow in front of me in search of that slim chance of life.

There is an old saying that good people can always be saved if they don’t die. Just when we are about to suffocate here, I suddenly got stuck in a hole! I didn’t feel nervous and scared at all, but I was pleasantly surprised to find this cave, even if it was a beast, it […]

Real Lin Yi shows real Rui Er, and it’s also a white story.

Ruier looked at Gulingfeng in shame. She suddenly knelt in front of Gulingfeng and cried, "Brother Feng is all wrong. It’s all my fault. As the saying goes, husband and wife will watch me accompany you for months overnight. Please spare my life …" Gu Lingfeng said coldly, "You asked the wrong person." Ruier turned […]