Vulcan fruit!

Jiang Feng heart is a language.
The old man knows too little about the world’s rare fruits.
However, this cloud fruit looks really special, and it is estimated to be a very strange place. If it weren’t for the poison in his eyes,
It is also difficult to see at first sight that this thing is a cloud fruit!
"The old fairy crystal also got you to pick up a cheap 100 thousand fairy stone and sell you skyfire fruit!"
Jiang Feng startled.
Diyunguo is worth 5,000 cents of fine stone on the peak.
Besides, the cloud fruit in this place has passed away, not to mention 100 thousand, even 3 thousand fairy fine stones are not worth it.
But his goal is not to cloud fruit.
But a humble cloud fruit of hell
"Hundreds of fairy fine stone is too expensive! ?” Jiang Feng looked at him and asked
The old man left the pie mouth. "Don’t buy it if it’s too expensive. Go quickly and don’t hinder the old man from doing business."
The old man doesn’t have a good air outlet.
Ling Yun Xian Zun leaned in and didn’t find it was a cloud fruit.
Or skyfire fruit
"Jiang Feng! You should be the mark of fire. This fire fruit will do you a lot of good. If you don’t have the fairy stone, I can lend it to you first! "
Lingyun fairy mouth said
Jiang Feng was angry and funny, but her face didn’t show.
A pair of very want skyfire fruit look.
"Let me give you hundreds of fairy fine stone, but this skyfire fruit shows a lot of aura. You can give me something! ?”
"Send you! ? What do you want! ?”
Old man didn’t good the spirit stared Jiang Feng one eye.
Everything here is priceless. Just giving him one is much more valuable than skyfire fruit.
But out of the corner of his eye, he just swept into the dark black rogo.
Immediately as garbage pointed to "if you want to give this thing to you, it’s worth hundreds of fairy stones at least."
Chapter 92 Pit to death PiaoHao
The old man looks very generous.
Look at Jiang Feng eyes like he got a bargain.
This is indeed the case.
Jiang Feng did get a big bargain, but the cheap old man didn’t know it.
"Skyfire fruit! ?”
Suddenly a bright sound came behind him.
I saw a young man striding towards here and saw Skyfire’s face showing joy.
"I’ve been looking for it for a long time and finally let me touch it!"
Young people have a happy face.
Looking up, this man is none other than Master Park Hao, a genius alchemist.
"This skyfire fruit I bought one hundred and ten thousand fairy fine stone such as! ?” PiaoHaoChong old man straightforward.
At the same time, twist a head to look at Jiang Feng slightly leng one.
Then a face of sneer.
"It turned out that it was your fire fruit this day!"
"You! ?” Jiang feng looked at him
PiaoHao twist a head to see the old man nodding "good! Not bad! It has been sold to this master! "
Lingyun fairy statue aside some listen to not the past.
"Is our first with what you sell it to him! ?”
"Everyone is not stupid. Even if you came first but didn’t give me the fairy stone, I naturally have the benefit of going back on my word!"
The old man looked at the fairy statue of Lingyun and rubbed his hands again and said, "Who will be sold to the one with the highest price? You should discuss it yourself!"
Jiang Feng knows who the old man is.
After seeing the rich eye twist a head and rush PiaoHao said, "You must argue with me! ?”
"What the merchants say is that the highest bidder gets the body. If you can’t get the fairy stone, then it belongs to me!"
Park Hao obviously hates Jiang Feng’s attitude towards him.
Shen Bao Xuan Ge genius has never been so insulted by Jiang Feng.
"120,000 fairy stones!" Jiangfeng direct exit
"good! You have seed! " Park Hao also did not dare to show weakness and increase the price by "150,000 fairy stones!"
"Two hundred thousand fairy stones!"
Jiang Feng also keeps increasing the price.
"Two hundred and fifty thousand fairy stones!"
"Three hundred thousand fairy stones!"
"Three hundred and fifty thousand fairy stones!"
"500 thousand fairy stone!"
Jiang Feng raised the price by 500,000 cents in one breath. The old man felt that he was going to float, and he made 500,000 in a blink of an eye. What a huge number.
He is eager for them to raise the price higher and higher.
Jiang Feng added it to 500,000 fairy stones in one breath.
Park Hao also hesitated. After all, this is not a small sum of money.
Lingyun fairy pulled a Jiang Feng face also not good-looking "forget it! Will skyfire fruit so hurt, although precious, but not to the point of stunt, willing to look for believe or get another chance. "
Lingyun Xianzun naturally doesn’t know.
What Jiang Feng wants is not this fake skyfire fruit, but another hell cloud fruit.
Don’t say 500 thousand fairy stone
Even a million fairy stones and ten million fairy stones are worth it.
"why! ? Scared! ?” Jiang Feng sarcasm PiaoHao sentence
Always hesitate PiaoHao immediately angry "afraid! ? One million fairy stones, I dare you to follow! "
Jiang Feng smiled. "One million one hundred thousand fairy stone!"
"1.5 million fairy stone!"
Park Hao-kou is very generous and doesn’t want to continue to consume with him
"good! You are embarrassed! " Jiang Feng suddenly stopped his face and his heart ached.
Park Hao saw Jiang Feng’s smug expression in his heart, and the alchemist was even more self-defeating than him.
"good! Ok! Good! "
The old man nodded repeatedly.