"No magic yuan?"

Muhai frowned and thought.
If this is the case, then I guess it is wrong, and not everyone will become a monk.
Anyway, we’ll talk about it later when we go back and have a good experiment.
So want to MuHai had a decision secretly nodded his head.
"Enjin Dan is very afraid that he will not be your opponent in the later stage," Muhai said.
"That is, of course, if I make Xuanshui Luohan then complete, I will be vulnerable." Tang Yu started to look high and float in the sky.
"Well, you’ve done a good job. Keep working hard. How long will it take to recruit Luohan Xuanshui now?" Muhai asked
"About half a breath," said Tang Yu.
Muhai nodded when he heard this. Although it is not fast, it is faster than before. I don’t know how many times.
There are few opportunities to recruit the Luohan of Xuanshui in front of practitioners in the same realm.
"By the way, I have cultivated into a lunar mysterious water tactic, and I can call out two mysterious water arhats," said Tang Yu.
"What?" Mu Hai stared at Tang Yu like a monster. "Rain is falling all, you are a genius."
"Xiaohai, if it weren’t for the end of Shuiyuan Dan, I’m afraid I have reached the middle stage of then Dan now," said Tang Yu.
When I heard this, Muhai nodded, and the conduits were prepared too little.
But there is not a lot of water in the ring now.
Mind move MuHai took out five bottles of water Yuan Dan five bottles of Jin Yuan Dan five bottles of fire Yuan Dan department handed it to Tang Yu.
"This … so much?" Tang Yu stare big eyes reveal method believe look.
"Rain is falling all, here are five bottles of water Yuan Dan, five bottles of Jin Yuan Dan and five bottles of fire Yuan Dan. Please give the fire Yuan Dan Jin Yuan Dan to Xiaoxi Zhongjing and other water Yuan Dan for you to practice," Muhai said.
"Well" Tang Yu nodded heavily.
Then she received all these jade bottles in the ring and looked up at the top of her eyes at the same time. The monitoring on the top of her head could not help but reveal a trace of concern.
"Rain is falling all don’t be afraid of monitoring has been broken by me" MuHai said.
Tang Yu breathed a long sigh of relief when he heard this.
Whether it’s Dan medicine or ring, if the president of the South Hospital knows about it, the consequences will be unimaginable.
"By the way, where is the radish in the rain?"
Muhai’s eyes swept around and he didn’t see radish.
"Radish was taken away by the dean" Tang Yu revealed a dim color.
Muhai a listen to shout up eyes give a murder.
"Don’t worry about Xiaohai"
As soon as Tang Yu saw it, he quickly took Muhai to sit. "Xiaohai is fine, radish. I promised that when it has the strength to deal with the old witch, it will come to me."
"Can radish communicate with you?" Muhai problem
"Yes," Tang raindrops nodded.
Mu Hai secretly nodded so that Tang Yu ‘an was not worried.
"Radish said to trick the old witch into eating some lingshi first and ask me to summon it. It will come back at any time," said Tang Yu.
"Well so best" MuHai nodded his head.
"Rain is falling all, I left in advance. You will give them Dan medicine and finally let them come to your dormitory," Muhai said.
"Good" tang raindrops nodded.
"By the way, it’s not appropriate for the third achievement method of Jiuyin Xuanshui to be sobered up here. I’ll find a chance to give it to you again," Muhai said.
"Well" tang raindrops nodded.
"Shout …"
Mu Hai used concealment to disappear in Tang Yu’s room again.
After Tang Yu knocked on the door, Muhai came out quickly.
Then Muhai walked to Zhou Qianfang and gently knocked at the door.
It is also important for Muhai to find Zhou Qian.