Seven meters tall or short, the figure is flying, and the expression is looking down at the principality of the month.
This is a master of the environment!
Their feet are a group of army corps that are screaming wildly and launching a charge. Behind the army corps are remote output legions!
Yi Tianxing bit his lip intensely, and his lips were permeated with blood, but the biting cold wind blew the Buddha down.
"Tell me, are you afraid of death?"
Yi Tian was furious and choked back the discomfort caused by the drum. He held up his sword and roared.
"Not afraid! !”
The soldiers blared at the sound that this was a desperate attempt to be cornered!
"Will the Terran die!"
"willing! ! !”
"That kill! ! !”
Yi Tianxing’s wailing sound of grief and indignation is like the end of a hero.
Even if he is a powerful enemy, he will bloom his last glory.
Terran can be killed
But never bend!
Eternal hate! I hate that I can’t fight with you!
Eternal hate! I wish I could never reach the peak again in this life!
Three hates through the ages! I hope I can’t be brave enough to be the first Terran to kill Lang Lang Gan Kun!
"kill! ! !”
Deafening shouts of killing sounded outside the city.
"da da da ~!"
Counting clouds and ladders
"Hey ~!"
The birds and cavalry kept flying low, taking away the lives of Terran soldiers.
"Lift the shield! Destroy the ladder! Pour oil! Put the rocket! "
Yi Tianxing screamed loudly.
Although the Terran soldiers are humble in strength, their life and death all explode with unimaginable potential. The Terran soldiers are not afraid to bite their teeth and resist the offensive of foreign Coalition forces.
Yi Tianxing takes the lead and never flinches. The soldiers are crazy!
If there is a ladder to carry the arrow, the rain will push it!
A soldier with an arrow in his body knows that when he dies, he will jump with a boulder and turn into a human body guarding city equipment to kill those damn aliens!
There are birds and cavalry, soldiers are brave enough to pounce on their limbs, endure the pain of claws inserted into the abdominal cavity, and drag these alien soldiers and exotic birds on their heads!
Come on!
Fight! !
Kill it! ! !
We are not even afraid of death!
Our only fear is that we can’t kill enough aliens!
One person’s death can’t be exchanged for another’s life.
Those three people are dead!