"Then order a drink?"

Xu Le hesitated. First of all, he doesn’t drink. Then the juice here seems to have been spiced, and he certainly can’t drink …
"Is there any white water?"
Is this man sick? Come here without drinking, even if you don’t want to order a drink? Want to drink white water?
"Sorry, sir, I don’t have white water here."
Xu Le smiled and gave a hand when she heard her say this.
"No, no, I brought it myself. I’m sorry to take it out and want to buy it from you. Since you don’t have it here, I can drink it myself."
Said Xu Le took out his big teacup and found a place to sit down.
Bunny corners of the mouth sobbed ignored Xu Le turned away.
Xu Le was a little dissatisfied with her attitude. Although I didn’t let it go, how can I let it go if you don’t tease me?
Even if he doesn’t drink, he can buy some fruit platters to play games. What?
It’s not as good as her rabbit tail rubbing attitude
"If another bad-tempered guest comes over, he will complain about you."
"You seem quite dissatisfied. Do you want me to change a young lady for you?"
The sudden sound made Xu Le slightly one leng. He turned to look over and found that Alley had sat down next to him.
"What a coincidence, Ms. Alley."
At this time, Alley wore a black dress and black stockings with holes, which was obviously more in line with the environment here.
Especially her long legs, stockings with holes, are thin and long, and there are holes. It’s really good. Xu Le also looked at them more.
Alley ignored Xu Le eyes picked up a glass of wine and took a sip of it and asked.
"A few times ago, I asked you about the crypt decoding. Are you busy recently?"
"I’ve been really busy doing a research with warlock Levi’s recently."
Is Xu Le busy? He was busy with hammer research, and Levi’s did most of it.
During this period, he did several things to give money to cultivate cats.
But if you’re not busy at this time, you have to say busy, or else Alley will probably keep him busy.
"But about repairing the tomb researchers have now fallen into a bottleneck period, in addition to your assignment to scholars and no significant gains.
Director Zhang Nuoan is losing patience. When will you go there again, you must give me a letter of approval? "
Alley’s tone was calm and he didn’t bring any personal emotions into his speech. Xu Le also nodded after listening to it.
Xu Le hesitated-he has really spent almost all his money.
It’s time to go to the grave and make another fortune. After all, it’s easy to get money.
"Well, in five days, I will definitely go to the tomb of Josiah with you in five days."