"Husband …"

Looking at the tearful eyes of the two wives, I felt sad in my heart, but he had to choose to leave.
Only when he reaches the celestial world can he be promoted more quickly. He still has too many things to do. Winning the game with Heaven can save Jill from torture. There are more than 20 people living in the celestial world-the closest people around him may put them in danger every day before they are found.
The Wu people entrusted Qingyi and Xuanyuan Huangdi with the freedom to be two places at once, and a large group of brothers dreamed of the secret of eternal sacred land.
Everything is waiting for him to finish, and before doing this, it is to have strong strength as soon as possible.
Six robberies and scattered immortals!
This is the extreme that the fix-true world can break through. Even if you can practice in other universes, how can it be compared with the real celestial world?
"How long will it take us to meet in Xu Bule? It’s also a temporary separation. We will reunite for a longer time in the future. Everyone should take good care."
Chen Han deeply looked at Jing Ao Snow and Huangfuzi Smoke, and put a bit of encouragement into Chen Tianhe and Xiaojie. His eyes suddenly appeared in Wan Li, and at the same time, the six-robbery peak was full of true spirit and went straight to the sky, which inspired the scattered fairy’s last heavy doom.
The aura of heaven and earth swarmed from all directions, and the aura of Fiona Fang was instantly thinned by 30%, and they flocked to this area where Chen Han was located.
The seventh apocalypse of scattered immortals, even if it is a super power, most scattered immortals will fall in this last apocalypse, and the chances of surviving this catastrophe are even more pitiful. However, it seems that Chen Han did not see the rapid gathering of purple and black clouds with a proud and confident smile hanging on his mouth.
If even he can’t survive this robbery, who else can fly to the celestial world?
Chi chi chi …
Violet-black robbery cloud absorbs a lot of heaven and earth reiki and naturally transforms it into powerful energy that can easily kill high-order scattered immortals through certain rules.
While the tiny sparks made a slight explosion in the clouds, Chen was cold and familiar, and then the black streamer flew out in front of Chen Tian. There were seven bone flutes, bone runs out and bone numbers with similar colors and different shapes. "Take good care of these seven things, and you must never tell others about them from generation to generation. Only when you break through to the peak of Six Robberies and go to several Jedi core areas in person can you know and remember them! Be sure to bring these things when you enter, or you will die! "
"What’s in it?" Chen Tian hurriedly put seven treasures into the ring and asked
"resources! There are a lot of fairy resources, and then someone will naturally tell you that you have to teach and implement the future generations. I will always be surprised by the wind, and the old name must not be destroyed! "
"Dad, you can rest assured that these things will be passed down from generation to generation."
"It’s up to you to wait for your uncle Yi Hao to soar to the celestial amazing clouds. Go to the celestial world first and give you a beautiful scenery. Haha …"
Chen Han’s words just stopped and a bright purple thunder fell from the sky. He didn’t even have a magic weapon to make the pure physical strength blow away.
The fist strength pushes the shock wave straight through the clouds, and the clouds are all swaying for a few feet. The first wave of thunder is so understated. It is blown to pieces and a circle of wild ripples reverberate everywhere. Only Chen Han stands in the void and has never changed.
Wave after wave of thunder and lightning, each wave is more powerful than the previous one, but it can’t hurt Chen’s cold.
Fine light spreads through his body, and his whole body is covered in a layer of net, and his long hair flies like a nine-day unbeaten god of war.
Booming …
The ninth wave of thunder in that tearable fist of heaven and earth stirred up amazing light ripples. In the end, in addition to making all the destruction around it more thorough, it was unwilling to blink a few times and disappeared into the shape. The seventh heavy scattered fairy, the apocalypse, the cold, never made the magic weapon Dan medicine succeed by physical strength alone. If it is seen by others, I wonder if it will scare the timid to death.
Robbery cloud dispersed, strong suction emerged from unknown places, and five-color light beams enveloped Chen’s cold at this moment, and the future speed was strengthened before his body.
Immortal separation is like a paradise. At this moment, after the seventh celestial disaster, the rules of heaven naturally descend and lead the light to complete the transformation from the mortal body to the immortal body …
Chapter 499 Soaring in the daytime
Order breakthrough is only about three times the enhancement, even if the big realm rises by one order, the gap is only five times.
Nowadays, the magnitude of the cold rise can be amazing, although there is a gap of ten times.
That’s the change from the source to the mortal, which makes everything return to a new starting point.
For example, the former cold body and the Yuan God are both buckets, and the water has been filled up at the peak of the six robberies. How much water can’t be put in, but the mortal body and the Yuan God have become the sea.
A huge amount of water is far more than that in front of the bucket. It’s different from nine Niu Yi hairs when the bucket is poured in. Later, he will have a bigger liter.
The previous breakthrough changed only the quantity of water, but now it changes not only the quality of water but also the body of water receiver.
From the outermost hair, skin, muscles, blood vessels, meridians, bones, blood and bone marrow, and internal organs, there have been qualitative changes in Yuanying’s immortal strength and Taixing fetus. The physical strength has increased tenfold, and Yuanying has become more stable, with an air of floating dust, and the richness and purity of the immortal strength contained in it have changed unprecedentedly.
At this time, Yuanying is no longer called Yuanying, but has another name-Xianying!
There is no change in the surface of the original star tire, even the quality of the original star tire remains unchanged, but the strength of the star tire body has greatly increased.