"Okay, I know, leader."

After putting words over there, Li Bureau gently exhaled and put the words back.
Come on, whatever problems there are behind here, he’s not responsible
On the other side, the leader frowned.
Li Chu, it’s not right that he is familiar, mainly because his wife is familiar. Now he can have a pair of children, thanks to his wife’s conditioning.
Sitting on the sofa and drinking tea, manager Chen saw the expression of leadership, and she knew what was going on even if she reacted and ate again.
"I have some ideas here. Do you think it’s possible?"
"Chen, you said"
"Can you let me demolish that area so that a large shopping mall can be built in the back and a new high-rise residential area can be built? This can also improve the living environment of ordinary people. I have seen that large area, and many people are crowded into 10 or 20 bungalows. The living environment is really bad."
As soon as her voice fell behind the desk, the leader waved.
"Chen, this idea doesn’t work. First of all, there are experts discussing the quadrangle over there, and the protected area is currently under discussion.
Even if it is allowed to demolish the building, the height of the building cannot exceed three stories, so I don’t want to. "
"ah? What? "Asked Chen some puzzled.
"This is an insurmountable rule."
Although the leader attaches great importance to this investment promotion, you should rest first if you want him to explain something to you.
"Chen, you’d better consider other places. We will give you enough preferential policies to buy that house you just said. I think you’d better put it aside."
This woman is becoming more and more interested in the owner of the house now. She has found the leader and still can’t get it.
She decided to go out later and look for the old man to see if she could find out.
Chen pursed his lips and got up: "I won’t bother you, then I’ll go somewhere else."
"Well, I’ll tell China Merchants Office to cooperate with you over there."
Chapter one hundred and fortieth Recommended
After chatting in the office for an afternoon, Li Chu was planning to go to the special needs building to look at the desk of the old comrade who came to the hospital yesterday. It was very inappropriate to ring.
"Hello, I’m Li Chu."
"Yo is a local leader. Hello, hello."
"Haha, long time no see"
"Well, you said I was listening."
"I told a brother that I didn’t expect everyone to find your door."
"Without her, if I’m really willing to pay 500 million yuan, I’m sure I’ll sell it. I’m stupid not to sell it. There are several similar three-way courtyards in Huguo Temple. I can just take the money and buy them one by one."
"Haha, it’s a pity that people don’t want to be such a sucker."
"Anyway, I want to thank you for helping me block people this time, or I’m bored to death.
"No problem. I’ll treat you later in Tan Jiacai."
"Okay, talk to you another day."
Li Chu smiled and shook his head. This Chen is really unwilling to give up.
If he didn’t guess wrong, this should be the famous king who demolished quadrangles.
She didn’t tear down the quadrangle in her hand, and then she built the commercial street, and she didn’t make less money for her. How many hundred million yuan does it cost to rent alone a year?
Gee, that’s awesome
If it weren’t for his identity, he would like to pull a street to build a commercial street now, so he will build the East Second Ring Road and wear a big vest to drag the board to collect rent from house to house every year.
It’s the peak of life just to think about it.
No, no, no,no. He shook his head and expelled the picture from his mind, then got up and walked out of the office.
But …
Although he can’t do this, his relatives and friends should be able to do it.
No money?
Loans, as long as you can get a little start-up capital in advance.
The idea has been deeply imprinted on his mind.
Who can’t have too much money, and it’s still legal income
Well, I’ll think about it later and see if I can fuck
Knowing that there is a reasonable and legal way to make money, if this is not carefully planned, it will really become a fool.
Just thinking all the way, I came to the special needs building. After reading here, two old comrades were hospitalized, and he went to Sashido for dinner.
"Dad …"
Lao Li, your daughter is calling you at the door.
Li Chuzheng is eating. Sitting opposite him, Gao Zhengwei glanced at the door and said
"ah? "Is eating Li Chu twist a head to look outside to see Wen Huizheng dining room doorway waved to him.
"Come in! 「
Dad, as soon as you come out, someone else will help me cook.
"What’s the matter? "said Li Chu can put lunch boxes and went out.
"You’ll be all right? 「
"There should be nothing to prepare for going to a nursing home and coming back with your mother, Yueyue and your uncle. What’s the matter? 」
"Then, can you come to our laboratory building later and tell us about the differences between these kinds of ginseng?"
"How many kinds of ginseng? 「
"Yes, ginseng, American ginseng, Codonopsis pilosula and Taishen."
What are you doing studying this? 」
We have a new research project, and I won’t tell you the details. "
"Oh, well, how about I go over after dinner? "Asked Li Chu nodded.
"Okay, dad, I used to eat.
"Otherwise I eat here?
"No, my colleagues have helped me cook."
"Then go! 」
Looking at Wen Hui skipping to the dining hall, Li Chu turned and walked into the dining hall.
"Why don’t you ask Wen Hui to eat here?