"Double blue words against the sky!"

When I saw this achievement, I wanted to be slightly stunned. And at the moment, the millions of dream friends on the public screen are more excited if they want to. "I wipe! 666666666!” "Is the grade crystal clear?" However, there are still rational dream friends who analyzed a wave. "Should not be able to […]

"Ha ha, my son is good and worry-free. By the way, it’s almost winter vacation in kindergarten."

"Yes, today is the last day." Qiao Xinwei sighed, "It’s so cool. When can I have a winter vacation?" "Ha, if you want to have a holiday every day without work, I can support you." Qiao Xinwei took back her presumptuous feet and sat up straight. She looked at Jiang Hao and suddenly asked, "Husband, […]

After leaving the fire cloud cave, Feng Zichen directly returned to Dashang Wangdu.

The first thing Ren Huang should do in this world is to accept all forces of the Terran and have a clear understanding of the current situation of the Terran. Then wait for the representatives of all ethnic groups to come to the Terran to worship and show the majesty of Ren Huang. Ren Huang […]

Just when Yu Xian took out a lot of flags, the sky came to see that the cloud had stabilized and rolled violently again. One of Hu Yingxue’s fears became a reality. Du Jie’s appeal was as strong as it was said. She and Wei Chihanyu crossed the fairy hook and came.

When designing the array, Yu Cai considered that Wei Chihanyu and Hu Yingxue, who also reached the peak of the Du Jie period, would probably join the Du Jie column to make sure that they didn’t need to change the newly designed array after crossing the fairy robbery. After looking up at the cloud robbery […]

There is a real bridge, and the back of it seems that things can be shaken after thousands of vicissitudes.

Li Zhichang turned his back on the mysterious woman of origin, dressed in white and spotless. The bridge man is like a jade, and the world is double. The poor world is vast and deep, and the universe seems to be a third thing except two people. I am heaven and earth, and heaven and […]

He looked full of ferocious color, blue skin, green red flame and complete "Lingbi Star, someone dares to kill his younger brother?" Very good! That’s great! Old fairy, I’ll take a look at that ambitious leopard who killed thousands of knives today and seal off the whole territory for me. No one can leave! "

The command has spread all over the place under the jurisdiction of the Valley of the Fierce Soul, which is ten times larger than the Dragon Hall, the most powerful force of the confusing star, and more than one force acts from the Ministry. This is no small matter! The position of Rifling Valley in […]

As fenglei stick down a flips out the zombie king was hit in the front and suddenly flashed back and let out a light yi in his nostrils.

Go against the sky! It’s so small and so young that there is such strength, and this strength is definitely not a fate, so there should be strength. This strength is also a fate of three layers and even four layers. It’s unexpected that you won’t be affected at all by this little hit, but […]

"Husband …"

Looking at the tearful eyes of the two wives, I felt sad in my heart, but he had to choose to leave. Only when he reaches the celestial world can he be promoted more quickly. He still has too many things to do. Winning the game with Heaven can save Jill from torture. There are […]

The purpose of the article is that blx, who is fond of pleasure, does not like to spray lightly.

☆, 3, moved to her husband’s house after engagement 【 pk for collection 】. Mianmian, the strangest word in Chinese dictionary, has no actual shape, but it is bigger than anything and heavier than anything. …… Liu Yichen looked at this woman in front of her, and she wanted to spit out the meat in […]

No one likes being watched, especially if the host tries to send someone to watch you. Pan Hui can understand Nie Gai, but some can’t understand Gai Lian’s performance in front of her.

At that time, she just thought that Gai Lian was too young to be served by this child, so she scared Gai Lian to kneel directly. Now think about it, Pan Hui suddenly had another guess, "Are you afraid of the real punishment?" Cover flow face flashed a fearful body trembling uncontrollably, even unconsciously shortness […]