"There is no one in the valley ~ it should have been taken to the abode of fairies and immortals by Tianling Cave people."

"Well ~ then Nong will take people outside this valley to guard my horse and return to inform the cave master." The footsteps outside the valley gradually dispersed, and soon there was no sound. Seeing this, Yingying muttered, "How did he do this?" "He …?" The watery man grinned and asked, "elder sister, do you […]

Tang Sitian himself solved the problem of taking the traffic police with him and then asked, "Can you come out?"

"It seems that I can." Tang Sitian turned her body. Fortunately, if she is thin and fat, she will be caught. "Help me." She reached out to Zhou Haolin. Zhou Haolin took her hand and slowly helped her climb out of the cab. Two tandem climbed out from the co-pilot. After coming out, calm down […]

First of all, the old man’s breath is as deep as the empty stars!

It turned out to be Zhou Tianxing Imperial Secretary! Chapter six hundred and thirty-seven Stars Battle Barracks (4 more) There are two phalanxes behind this man, each with hundreds of people. These Godsworn Zhou Tianxing Palace are like an army with murderous look and condensed momentum. There are four kinds of beasts, snakes, dragons and […]

"No problem-!" Tianyuan said

"You long for great power?" Yu Long smiled and said, "It’s not a battle … Are you sure you can? You’re not fooling Tianyuan, are you? " Pan Zhan’s face showed a glimmer of confidence and said slowly, "Why can’t I really train my warrior Pangu myself?" "If you give me enough time, I absolutely […]

He is ready to return, and she can’t stay in the fairy tomb all the time. She can travel to the wild, and this is her duty to walk in the holy mountain

"Really?" Peacock’s eyes are quite wide open. "It’s quite not an eagle but a peacock." "Almost all wings can fly." Qin Changfeng doesn’t want to tangle with this child, so that she can finally meet again after she leaves. Maybe she can’t. Qin Changfeng is a little disappointed but not sad. After all, this girl […]

At this time, Shuide was coping with the puppet and monster beast attack, and took out a Dan medicine to the fierce Yang population for its command.

This Dan medicine is more fragrant than smelling it, and it is refreshing, flashing milky luster like a hazy mist around it! "Nine elixirs!" In the distance, I carefully avoided Xia Qi and almost exclaimed when I saw this Dan medicine. "There is no treasure in Uncle Shui’s tomb, but there is a living immortal […]

You know how high the pressure is at the depth of millions of meters at the bottom of the sea. At that time, it was moved by this large array and put pressure on people. Even those dragon soldiers were so strong that they couldn’t bear to explode and die, and even their weapons turned into powder.

While the sailors with a large array have greatly increased their attack power, and they also shot an arrow. Because of this large array, the great pressure on the seabed has been removed, and their strength has doubled. The same skill, Long Binggen, can’t even resist their arrow. That Mo Chen was angry that Ge […]

It’s much safer than being in a turbulent country.

"Anyway, it’s always good to be careful." Meng Xin also said that she was also very worried, which is why Zhang Yiding took the initiative to go and she and Wang Yang were surprised. People are still selfish, but she doesn’t have so much emotion when she goes to chenchen. "Well, I know that we […]

"According to the warm-up players’ reaction, the venue is uneven and soft. Playing football on that side is just like playing football in a rotten vegetable field! It’s easy to get hurt if you’re not careful. Diego accidentally stepped into a pit while warming up just now and sprained his ankle … "

He pointe to that team doctor holding Diego beside him and nod his head to confirm Rudy Gonzalez’s statement. Changsheng looked up at the ceiling. Well, now at least I know why Tony Twain is so confident to beat us … Chapter 44 Returning to Nottingham Forest in Europe Mom! When Chang Sheng was on […]

When I pulled the door, I saw the cold smoking in the corridor, and my right leg was slightly bent. A hand-made cashmere coat stretched his figure.

I’m afraid a man will be moved by a woman. Think of Helen Li Ailing walked past. When I heard the cold footsteps, I turned my head and saw that it was Li Ailing. I whistled, "Our palace Hua Dan is coming." Li Ailing twisted his eyebrows and didn’t like him calling himself that. It […]